What Does A Child Support Agreement Mean

In general, a mandatory child care agreement provides for the payment of family allowances (so-called periodic payments) and other costs related to a child`s education costs (so-called periodic payment). These non-peroid payments generally relate to payment or contribution to medical expenses, tuition and other school fees such as uniforms. It could provide that none of these payments should be made because you have agreed to accept a lump sum payment rather than family allowances – in cash or by transferring a real estate interest, such as your parents` home. Or maybe a combination of the above can be agreed. At Bainbridge Legal, we appoint an experienced family lawyer who works for you in negotiating the terms of the Binding Child Support Agreement. Our lawyers will do the work competently and at a lower cost. We believe that it is always better to reach an agreement outside the judicial system and our objective is to allow an agreement with which you can live. Unlike a narrow agreement, a binding agreement can be concluded and accepted, even if no assessment of child care has been carried out. It can be done for each amount on which both parents agree. It could be less than, equal to or greater than the rate of child welfare to be paid in the course of an administrative assessment. In your province or territory, family justice services, such as mediation, may also be offered to help you and the other parent obtain an out-of-court agreement. It would be the same if Ralph saw a significant increase in income. If, for example, Ralph`s income doubled in April 2002, but Alice did not apply for an increase in aid until April 2003, she will not be able to collect more aid until April 2003.

In both cases, it is of the utmost importance to apply and apply for an immediate change in assistance if the circumstances that would justify a change in the amount of child care change. In this context, trust in a private agreement has no place unless the agreement is part of a formal court decision. Example: Linda and Kiran have a child care note for their children Talon and Harper.