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The current TJB rate in Pennsylvania is 5.90 percent. However, because the tax is integrated into electricity supply costs, electricity suppliers and electricity providers use a gross up factor to determine the amount of TJB to be paid to Pennsylvania. As a result, electricity suppliers and electricity suppliers pay 6.27% to Pennsylvania at the base price of electricity generation. This gross increase, which results in a TJB of 6.27%, is calculated according to the following formula: 1/1-5.90%. If you choose a new electricity supplier, the quality, reliability and maintenance do not change. The current power company will continue to provide the same transmission and distribution service. And electricity suppliers must be licensed by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to do business in Pennsylvania. Please note that all updates you make to your BGE account, such as a name or address change. B also needs to be updated with third parties whose fees appear on your bill. If you have a contract with an energy supplier other than BGE. B, please contact this provider directly to provide your updated information and check if your account status has changed. You`ll find your supplier`s contact information on your BGE invoice. A GST that has operated in FirstEnergy`s territory since September 1, 2001 must have a customer account service contract concluded by November 15, 2001 or its customers are converted to double billing with the December 2001 customer bill.

For a GST that is new to FirstEnergy or to a GST that wishes to propose a consolidated settlement for the first time, it may only propose a consolidated utility count at least 15 days after the execution of the customer service contract. If you have any questions, please contact the supplier support at 330-761-4348 or email us at Links to: TPS Customer Account Services Agreement TPS Customer Account Services Agreement – Attachment A TPS Customer Account Services Agreement – Attachment B TPS Customer Account Services Agreement – Attachment C TPS Customer Account Services Agreement – Attachment D Wenn z.B. an electricity distributor or power generation supplier charges a customer $100 per month for the supply of electricity generation, the application of the 5.90% GRT rate results in an electricity generation tax of $105.90. Since the electricity supplier or the electricity generation supplier must LE TJB on the basis of total gross revenues of $105.90, it must apply a gross factor up to the base price of 100 DOLLARS. The application of this gross mark-up factor results in a commitment of 6.27% in TBB. To recover the full amount from consumers, electricity suppliers or electricity suppliers must collect $106.27 for electricity. Electricity providers encourage customers to shop because you can save money or use new products by switching to a competitive supplier. Whether you choose to choose another supplier, your electricity provider will continue to provide your electricity, provide reliable service and respond to outage problems. The quality, reliability and maintenance of your electrical service should not change, as it is always monitored by the Commission.

Please note that if you cancel the service with a gas supplier, they process your request in order to meet the company`s next available cancellation cycle. If you terminate the service with an electricity provider, they will process your request within two business days of receiving the cancellation request. Most Pennsylvanians have the power to choose their electricity supplier; However, competitive offers may not be available in all areas.