Pharmaceutical Distributor Agreement

32.3 As requested by CASI, the distributor and its negotiators participate in compliance and legal trainings proposed and planned by CASI. 14.6 Amendment. This agreement can only be amended, amended or renewed by the written agreement of the contracting parties by their duly accredited officials or representatives, in particular by reference to this agreement. 1.12 With respect to a particular product, a third party, including a wholesaler, has, directly or indirectly, obtained the right to sell and/or sell products via EuroGen. 6.9.1 Product Guarantee. SuperGen ensures and ensures that all products delivered to EuroGen as part of this delivery meet all applicable specifications at the time of receipt to the designated receiving entity. In the event that a product does not meet the specifications at the time of receipt of EuroGen, SuperGen will provide at its own expense (including freight and insurance) amounts of replacement of these products to EuroGen as soon as this is economically reasonable or cannot be replaced, and then debit the SuperGen account. SuperGen can analyze all products that have been refused for non-compliance. In the event of disagreement between the parties, the request for an independent audit organization is subject to review and a decision by mutual agreement between the parties (the “laboratory”). The laboratory must adhere from time to time to the good laboratory practices in place defined by the FDA.

The designation of the laboratory cannot be unduly accepted or delayed by any of the parties. The laboratory`s determination with respect to all or part of the product transfers is final and binding on the contracting parties. The costs and expenses of the laboratory are paid by the contracting party against whom the decision is made. SuperGen product warranties do not apply to products modified or modified by persons other than SuperGen or EuroGen (or their respective sub-distributors), or for defects caused (i) without fault of SuperGen or EuroGen (or their respective sub-distributors) during shipping (ii) by accident, negligence or abuse of any person other than SuperGen or EuroGen (or their respective sub-distributors) or (iii) by storing, handling or using in any manner inconsistent with the marking of the approved product. 14.9 Full agreement. This agreement and the exhibits constitute the whole agreement between the parties with respect to the purpose of this agreement and carry out all previous negotiations, agreements and agreements, orally or in writing, relating to the issues covered by this agreement. 1.10 “RFN procedure” refers to the procedure described in the agreement with the RFN party, in which SuperGen must offer the RFN party the right to an initial discussion before the sale or granting of rights related to a link owned by SuperGen or developed by SuperGen. CONSIDERING that Mikah has a new drug application (“ANDA”) for the product, Actavis LLC has exclusive rights to market and sell. On the basis of a possible merger between Actavis LLC (“Actavis”) and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., Actavis wishes to terminate the contract with Mikah under the terms of Appendix 1; “agreement” is the meaning defined in the original paragraph of this agreement. c) quotas or credits to customers due to shelf adjustments, non-delivery (other than delivery fees paid separately by Mikah), refusal, withdrawal, recall or return of the product or retroactive price reductions affecting the product, as these certificates or credits are common in the territory`s generic drug industry and are effectively authorized or attributable to the product, possible adjustments in the normal cycle of operations for products in operation; and 32.2 The distributor is required to carefully review all of its negotiators to ensure that, during their sales and marketing activities of the product, they comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including unrestricted, compliance with anti-unfair, anti-monopoly competition, pharmaceutical advertising and marketing, 1.4 “net sales” refers to the gross cash accounting revenues of EuroGen and its resellers for the sale of products,