Mongodb License Agreement

If you are a subscriber, you must select a username and password and (i) provide MongoDB with accurate, complete and up-to-date information; (ii) update your information to ensure it is correct, up-to-date and complete; (iii) comply with these terms of use. Failure to provide specific information is a violation of this Agreement, which may result in the immediate termination of your right to access this site. Restrictions. You will not allow third parties to edit or create works derived from the software or (i); (ii) to sell, sublicensing, lease, lease, market, market or market the software; (iii) decompiling, decompiling, translating, reconstituting or attempting to draw the source code from part of the software, except to the extent that the above restriction is, in accordance with third party legislation or license, prohibited by third party legislation or license; (iv) remove, modify or conceal the ownership instructions of the company, its licensees or its software providers; or (v) disseminate or analyze information about software performance to the public, including calibration test results. No third party may access, report or use the software under this contract. Nine of them. Exemption.9.1 For software that is only licensed under commercial license, the company will defend the customer against any third-party claim against the customer and asserts that such software, licensed under this agreement and returned in the applicable order form, violates the patent or copyright of a valid and enforceable third party in the European Union (right to counterfeit) and frees the customer from the costs and damages that are attributed by the result. a competent court against the third-party client who asserts such a right to counterfeiting. , provided that the customer communicates to the company: (a) immediate written notification of the right to counterfeit, (b) exclusive control of the defence and regulation of the right to counterfeiting and (c) appropriate cooperation in the defence and settlement of the right to counterfeiting. The client may participate, at his own expense, in the defence of the right to injury. The company is not liable if the alleged violation is based on the following reasons: (i) combining the software with other software, data or business process; (ii) use for purposes or in a way for which the software was not designed; (iii) the use of an earlier version of the software if the use of a new overhaul had prevented the breach, (iv) any modifications to the software or delivery components that were made by someone other than the company. (v) all intellectual property rights that are held or granted, with the exception of software and delivery items, (vi) the company`s compliance with materials, designs, specifications or instructions of the Customer, (vii) the customer`s claim or lawsuit against a third party, (viii) the open source software of third parties or (ix) The customer who operates the software after the company ceases to operate the customer.

12. Generalities. Notifications under this agreement take effect in writing and on the date of delivery. The parties will provide communications by personal delivery or mail to the other party indicated on the purchase order. If you are in North, Central or South America, the New York Law regulates this agreement, with the exception of applicable rules or conflict principles of law, and the parties accept the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in New York, New York. For clients elsewhere, the law of England and Wales governs this agreement, with the exception of applicable rules or conflict principles of law, and the parties agree with the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in London, England. This agreement does not create partnerships, agency relationships or joint ventures between the parties. The United Nations Convention on the International Sale of Goods does not apply to this Convention.