Iupat Dc 46 Collective Agreement

Trust funds for health and welfare, pensions and holiday allowances are jointly managed by union and administrative officials, and the Union takes the necessary measures to enforce collective agreements and ensure that all signed contracts are transferred to the necessary funds. Please note that any delay in reporting anomalies or problems can affect the EU`s ability to help you, so don`t wait until you leave the job to report problems or problems. Accordingly, the Union recommends that all members of: In order to ensure the good health of the trust funds and to ensure that all members receive their appropriate benefits, the Union needs the help of its members, as it is the member`s responsibility to use their working hours, withdrawals and benefits and verify the results. As a member of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, District Council 46 (Union), you are entitled to health and social security benefits, pension and leave allowances (note: anyone who does piecework does not receive leave pay) under the terms of the collective agreement under which you work. . Members should also be aware that the Union`s representation in the thought relations and affairs of the SSIB assumes that members have a good reputation. Important: If members have problems or concerns, notice inconsistencies in their pension counts, etc., or wish to update their employer`s offender status, they should contact your local union office or your representative or administrators of benefit plan administrators immediately at 416-636-4700.