Agreement With Po Polsku

The sector now needs contractual agreements with European companies and attracting foreign investment. He was the first Tampa draft pick to sign a contract with the club. The directors said they could not yet disclose the terms of the agreement. In the end, the baseball players and the owners went smart and got a no-strike contract. The Times entered into contracts with the 12 unions until the end of the century. Under yesterday`s agreement, students would only take the two government exams. But on January 11, when more than half of the regular season seemed to have been lost, a contract agreement was reached. The terms of the contract were not disclosed, which is consistent with the club`s policy. Neither the Americans nor the union would comment on the terms of the agreement. If they change the terms of the contract, you can leave without penalty. Under the agreement, the university must put its budget in the dark by 1991. According to some, he did not keep his part of the agreement. The terms of the agreement were not disclosed by team policy.

Another reason is related to the terms of the agreement itself. October 2009, after missing the first four games of the regular season. Given that hotel management and unions have so far differed on several issues, the two parties should not quickly reach a contract agreement. The financial terms of the agreement, which were expected, were not disclosed. According to the companies, the terms of the agreement should soon be concluded. The Giants do not confirm any contracts until the contracts have been signed. There is nothing wrong with the terms of the agreement that you signed. “We wanted to give everyone more time to come to an agreement.” Is there a contract for accommodation, personal care, health care and assistance? An agreement was reached in early 2008 for a second season. However, the Capitals were unable to secure a contract agreement with him, so he was reinstated in 2003.

Members of the House of Representatives said they felt an agreement was close. Q. As there was no new contract, the old one was renewed? But they have done nothing for more than three months to get a new agreement. In early fall, both the City and the Union expressed optimism about a contract agreement. Under the new convention, buildings can only be used by cultural or community groups. Under the new agreement, only the Americans will participate in the construction. We had a more or less immediate agreement.