Wood engravings

Please browse through Bill’s woodengraving prints. They are all limited editions and signed.
If you are interested in purchasing any please contact us and we can give you a price. The prices range from about €15 for the smaller ones up to €40 for the larger ones. This is true according to Woodwork Made Easy.

An article by Neil Bousfield

Wood engraving as an illustrative discipline dominated every aspect of visual culture. Social media, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and the Internet may dominate today, but wood engraving facilitated the dissemination of visual material, information and culture; it was the powerhouse of its day. The importance and impact of wood engraving can scarcely be over estimated. There is no denying that wood engraving has a social and historical significance, which would be almost shameful if the discipline was allowed to disappear.

However, the role of contemporary art practice is not to preserve tradition or to document through practice, technique or craft. This is the role of museums and re-enactment societies. I don’t wear Victorian costume when I’m working! There is no point in trying to deny the historical impact of centuries of tradition, craft, technique and the cultural impact upon contemporary practice. However each and every practitioner must have the independence of mind and spirit to discover, explore and communicate their ideas and concepts through a particular process, medium and discipline. In short “what wood engraving is” will be defined by contemporary practice as such; wood engraving is a medium like any other such as drawing, painting and sculpture, it is a process rich in historical and visual aesthetic and craft-based cultural meanings. It is just as valid to explore wood engraving within contemporary practice as it is to practise painting, ceramics, taxidermy and even embroidery. I wonder what the outcome may have been if Grayson Perry had adopted the latest CNC computer aided engraving technologies to make his interpretation of the Rake’s Progress…?