Business Lease Agreement Bc

In the event that the landlord and tenant enter into an agreement in which the lessor obliges, at the tenant`s expense and expense, to make available to the premises the costs of work and equipment and other work costs after receiving the tenant`s plans and specifications, the lessor must inform the tenant of the estimated costs of this work (as estimated by the landlord and the tenant to waive any claim against the contractor the lessor of the above estimates). Once the work is completed by the landlord`s landlord, the lessor must charge the tenant for the work costs and tenant alliances and agrees to pay this amount to the lessor within fifteen (15) days of receipt of such a declaration. Labour costs include, in addition to work costs, overhead and incidental costs, equipment and equipment, authorization, consultants and other similar expenses, as well as a 10 per cent administrative fee (10%) the final cost of the above work. In addition, all costs incurred by the lessor due to changes that the tenant may make or request after the architect or other professional advisor of the lessor has included the approved project of the tenant in the overall plans of the building. If the tenant does not make the above payments, the lessor can cancel the tenancy agreement at any time and do not produce any other effects and the tenant must reimburse the lessor for any costs, losses or damages. 8 (1) If a lease is duly abandoned to be renewed and a new lease is entered into and executed by the principal leaseholder, the same new lease is valid without giving up one of the subtenants, as if all the resulting subleases had also been abandoned when or before the resumption of such a new lease. of the building, expenses incurred by the lessor for the sole rental of premises in the building, including rental costs, rental costs, demolition wall installation costs and renovation of empty buildings, wages and allowances that the lessor reasonably allocated to the rental of the building and the debt service charges for each mortgage of the lessor.