Acosta Plea Agreement

Acosta defends the plea agreement of wealthy sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and says Epstein would not have had a prison sentence if his office had not intervened. In 2007, Epstein was accused of recruiting dozens of girls, some as young as 13, for massage and sex at his Villa in Palm Beach, Fla. As part of the 2008 agreement, Epstein pleaded guilty to two counts of prostitution (one with a minor under the age of 18) and had to register as a sex offender. He was granted immunity from prosecution from the federal prosecutor, served 13 months in the county jail and was allowed to spend his days in his Palm Beach office. As Lisa Desjardins said, Epstein has already pleaded guilty and is more important about this story. Mr. Acosta said Wednesday that his office was no longer telling the victims because he was not sure that Mr. Epstein would go through with the agreement, which contained a provision allowing victims to seek financial compensation. If Mr. Epstein had been brought to justice instead of pleading guilty, Mr. Acosta said, defence lawyers could have undermined the credibility of the victims by proposing that they be there only for the money. “What jumped on everyone`s side today was that there was a line attorney who was writing the indictment and trying to fight for the victims all the time,” Edwards said.

“And above her, there were superiors, including Alex Acosta, who were fighting against her and fighting on behalf of Jeffrey Epstein to keep the victims in the dark and to ensure that the non-persecution agreement was in force.” The report accuses Villafaa of being particularly aggressive in this case – without success, she accused her superiors of not meeting With Epstein`s defenders, complaining that the victims are not being kept in the loop and insisting that Epstein be accused of violating the terms of his agreement – even if that also means that his superiors, including Acosta , have offered appropriate legal or strategic reasons for action. Labor Minister Alex Acosta defended a 2008 plea he oversaw as a U.S. attorney in Florida, in which Jeffrey Epstein, a multimillionaire and accused sex dealer, received a slight sentence in exchange for pleating the state`s charges for guilty. “I am pleased that the OPR has finally completed its investigation, but I am disappointed that I did not publish the full report so that victims and the public can have a more complete picture of the depth of the interference that led to the patently unfair outcome of the Epstein case,” said Marie Villafaa, a former U.S. assistant lawyer in Miami. , which led the bureau`s investigation against Epstein. , in a statement. “This injustice, I believe, is the result of deep and implicit institutional prejudices that prevented me and the FBI agents who worked assiduously on this case from holding Mr.

Epstein to account for his crimes. He also accused florida officials of the work authorization granted to Epstein at the time of his conviction. Acosta called the plant`s liberation “BS” and said that since the non-persecution agreement was an agreement between the state and Epstein, it was the authority of the state to grant it that freedom.